The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Media Briefings, which are short notes advising specialist journalists and stakeholders of publications and events that are not the subject of a full press release. Media briefings include alerts for the Monthly Hydrological Summary and also notification of peer-reviewed papers of interest to different groups such as the water industry and conservation sector.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Media Briefings - 2011

2011/20 - Lake science insights from 40 years of monitoring at Loch Leven in Scotland - 21 December 2011 A series of ten scientific papers highlighting long-term water quality and ecology research carried out at Loch Leven in Scotland has been published online in the journal Hydrobiologia.

2011/19 - Science highlights how cutting hedgerows less frequently can benefit wildlife - 19 December 2011 A study into the effectiveness of hedgerow management options in agri-environment schemes (AES), such as Environmental Stewardship in England (ES) has found that cutting hawthorn hedges every three years, or in late winter, can substantially increase resources to benefit wildlife.

2011/18 - New monthly Hydrological Summary published for November 2011: another mild month - 13 December 2011 November was a remarkably mild month across most of the UK but synoptic patterns again conspired to produce a very substantial exaggeration in the North West/South East rainfall gradient across the UK.

2011/17 - Comparing emissions of greenhouse gases from perennial bioenergy and annual arable crops - 13 December 2011 Current UK government policy is to increase the land area given over to bioenergy crops. This policy should result in emissions of one greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, compared with current combustion of fossil fuels, but the potential co-release of two other greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide and methane, is not well understood.

2011/16 - Latest survey of major lakes in the English Lake District - 23 November 2011 The Lakes Tour is a long-term survey of the water quality and ecology of the 20 major lakes in the English Lake District. The report on the latest survey, carried out in 2010, was released this month and includes an analysis of changes in the lakes over the last three decades. 

2011/15 - Research into bumblebee foraging distance offers conservation potential - 14 November 2011 Researchers are closer to understanding how the foraging distances of wild bumblebees vary across landscapes. The findings are potentially important for landscape managers looking to conserve bumblebee populations and enhance pollination services for crops and biodiversity. 

2011/14 - Phosphorus reductions combined with shading by riparian trees could help rivers reach "good ecological status" - 11 November 2011 If the ecology of the River Thames is to reach the Water Framework Directive's "good ecological status”, then significant reductions in soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) concentrations as well as increased shading from riparian tree cover may be required.

2011/13 - October 2011 Hydrological summary: Spatial variations in rainfall continue across the UK - 11 November 2011 October was an exceptionally mild month but the spatial distribution of the rainfall was again remarkable across the UK.

2011/12 - Improved access to the UK's river flow data - 9 November 2011 The UK’s National River Flow Archive has doubled the number of easily accessible river flow datasets available through its website. The changes take the total number of gauging stations where daily flow data is freely downloadable to just under 400.

2011/11 - September 2011 Hydrological summary: Continued spatial variations in rainfall - 17 October 2011 September saw a continuation of the marked spatial variation in rainfall across the UK which has been featured throughout 2011.

2011/10 - August 2011 Hydrological summary: Another wet summer? - 13 September 2011 After a warm start, August was a cool and unsettled month, ending another wet summer at the national scale.

2011/09 - July 2011 Hydrological summary: Rainfall appreciably above average in many regions - 12 August 2011 Rainfall totals for the UK were appreciably above average during the month of July. All regions reported at least 90% of the 1971-2000 average and rainfall deficiencies across most of southern Britain have moderated.

2011/08 - June 2011 Hydrological summary: Welcome rainfall for most drought-affected areas of England - 14 July 2011 Following three months dominated by anticyclonic conditions, a return to frontal weather patterns brought welcome rainfall to most drought-affected areas of England during June..

2011/07 - May 2011 Hydrological summary: Remarkable contrasts across the UK - 10 June 2011 Remarkable rainfall patterns across the UK in May produced a decrease in the spatial extent of drought conditions in England and Wales but an increase in their intensity in the most severely impacted regions.

2011/06 - April 2011 Hydrological summary: A very remarkable month in hydrometeorological terms - 12 May 2011 April was a very remarkable month in hydrometeorological terms: provisionally it was the warmest April in the 352-year Central England Temperature series, estimated (river) outflows from Britain were the lowest on record for the last week of April, and the end-of-month soil moisture deficits were the highest (for England & Wales) in a 50-year series.

2011/05 - The Edinburgh Declaration on Reactive Nitrogen: Closing statement from the Nitrogen & Global Change conference - 15 April 2011 At the closing session of the Nitrogen and Global Change international conference in Edinburgh, the delegates agreed a statement, "The Edinburgh Declaration", outlining mechanisms for tackling the threats of nitrogen pollution in Europe and beyond.

2011/04 - March 2011 Hydrological summary: Stocks in many reservoirs fall appreciably - 14 April 2011 Within the UK, March 2011 was provisionally the driest since 1961 for England & Wales, with very meagre rainfall totals in many central, southern and eastern areas - contributing to substantial accumulated rainfall deficiencies over periods of up to 16 months.

2011/03 - February 2011 Hydrological summary: Notably mild, many areas registered above average rainfall - 10 March 2011 Within the UK February 2011 was notably mild with most areas registering above average rainfall - primarily the result of active Atlantic frontal systems which brought gales to many western areas.

2011/02 - January 2011 Hydrological summary: A month of contrasting synoptic patterns - 14 February 2011 January was a month of contrasting synoptic patterns but, overall, near-average temperatures. Rainfall was generally below average across much of the UK (Northern Ireland was particularly dry).

2011/01 - December 2010 Hydrological summary: A truly remarkable month in climatic terms - 13 January 2011 December 2010 was a truly remarkable month in climatic terms: the coldest December on record for the UK (by a considerable margin).

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