Staff from CEH Bangor presented a stand showcasing CEH research on climate change at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show at the end of July. The CEH stand was a great success, winning gold prize for 'Best Exhibit of Educational and Instructional Value'. The Show is not only the place to connect with key scientists, policy makers and funders in Wales but it's also a fantastic opportunity to talk to the public in an informal way and tell them about the work we are doing at CEH.CEH Staff with the award

With record number of visitors (approx 250,000) and a fantastic sunny week, the show was a real success.

Temperatures recorded on the CEH weather station reached 32.7°C and show goers were shown what effects climate change can have on the environment and what CEH are doing to help. Visitors were encouraged to carry out a simple experiment to see what effects drying peaty soils can have on the amount of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere.

A full size experimental 'roof' was also on display. The 'roof experiment' uses automated covers that roll across experimental plots to simulate climate change on whole ecosystems. Visitors could have a go at rolling out the covers and were shown what effects drought and warming has on moorland habitats.

The new 'Environment Centre Wales' was promoted with displays showing film footage of the centre being built. The footage can be seen on the CEH website (22 MB). The new centre, a partnership between CEH and the University of Wales, Bangor, will be housed in an environmentally friendly building which is due to open in April 2007.

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