CEH is acting as scientific adviser to the nationwide Springwatch scheme, building on our many years research and expertise in phenology and climate impacts research. Springwatch is a joint venture between the BBC, the Woodland Trust and the UK Phenology Network, of which CEH is a partner.

People across the UK are being asked to record the arrival of spring in their neighbourhood, by noting the arrival dates of animals such as Bumblebees, Peacock butterflies, the 7-spot ladybird and the Swift. Dates for first sightings of frogspawn and the first flowering date of Hawthorn are valuable too. For more information and how to contribute your records see the Springwatch site.

Phenology is the recording and study of periodical events such as flowering, breeding and migration in relation to climate and environmental factors. A popular hobby in Victorian days, it has recently shown its value as an indicator of climate change.

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