Lake in rural Bangladesh in drought conditions

CEH will continue to provide expertise and UK representation to UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme’s Intergovernmental Council following the United Kingdom’s re-election at the recent 39th session of General Conference which concluded in Paris on November 14.

The IHP provides freshwater research, policy, education and capacity building initiatives in many of UNESCO’s 190 Member States. Now in its eighth phase, the programme is focussing on ‘Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional, and Global Challenges’ due to run from 2014 to 2021. 

Contributions to the IHP come from across UK hydrology, but CEH plays is central in facilitating input to UNESCO’s activities in this area.  It enables UK scientists and water managers to engage with a wide range of international networks. 

The continued involvement in the IHP is closely aligned with, CEH’s recent increase its global water security and resilience research activity. The new UN Sustainable Development Agenda includes a specific Goal on Clean Water and Sanitation as well as a number of other hydrologically related Goals. The growing recognition of the role water science play in underpinning sustainable development around the world is reflected in CEH’s activity. Recent projects include a collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization to develop a hydrological status and outlook system, HydroSOS which will enable nation states to prepare better for flood and drought situations; a European seasonal hydrological forecast demonstrator; and efforts to better understand the variability of the West African Monsoon

Chair of the UK National Committee for the IHP and CEH Deputy Director, Professor Alan Jenkins: "CEH, and the UK as a whole, have important contributions to make to advancing global hydrological science, freshwater policy and management and we look forward to continuing our role on the IHP."


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UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is one of the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations system.

For further information about the UK’s involvement in the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme, see UK Committee for National and International Hydrology or contact the National Committee’s Technical Secretary, Dr Harry Dixon.


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