CEH, part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), launched its Science Strategy for 2008-2013, Integrated Science for Our Changing World, on 30 April 2008. The launch event was held at the Royal Society in London, the UK’s national science academy, with many stakeholders in attendance.Prof. Pat Nuttall introduces the Science Strategy

Professor Pat Nuttall, Director of CEH, introduced the Strategy explaining that, “Integrated Science for Our Changing World is CEH’s strategy to address some of planet Earth’s most fundamental global environmental challenges. It builds on the successful delivery of our previous Science Strategy for 2002-2007, Health and Wealth of the Environment, which helped CEH gain a leading position in European environmental research”.

The guest speaker at the launch was the newly appointed Chief Scientific Adviser to Her Majesty’s Government, John Beddington. Professor Beddington spoke of the importance of environmental research saying, "There is a great need for integrated research to solve the complex environmental challenges facing humankind. CEH has recognised this in its new Science Strategy, which has collaboration and cross-cutting scientific disciplines at its heart."

Professor Alan Thorpe, Chief Executive of NERC, also spoke at the event. Professor Thorpe explained the importance of NERC: “In this critical time for planet Earth, NERC funds and delivers world-leading environmental research at the frontiers of knowledge. This includes responding to global climate change and increasing pressures on natural resources.”Prof. John Beddington - Guest speaker

Professor Thorpe went on to say: “CEH delivers key scientific priorities in NERC’s strategy, providing environmental information from long-term monitoring and partnerships with the wider scientific community, both in the UK and beyond. It also carries out long-term science-into-policy research such as the Countryside Survey.”

The new Strategy defines CEH’s goal as: To deliver world-class solutions for today’s most urgent environmental problems and in doing so to achieve our vision of being the world-leading centre for integrated science in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. It also explains that the Strategy contributes directly to the strategic goal of NERC as outlined in its Strategy 2007-2012, Next Generation Science for Planet Earth.Science Strategy launch reception

CEH’s Science Strategy will inform a Delivery Plan, which will detail how we are going to fulfil the overarching scientific challenges and organisational goals set out in the Strategy. The Delivery Plan will be published in autumn this year.

Additional information

More information on CEH's Science Strategy can be found here.

To download a copy of the 2008-2013 Science Strategy click here (pdf file - adobe reader required). [NEED NEW INTERNAL LINK]

To view clips of the 2008 Science Strategy launch presentations visit this YouTube page (external link).

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