Professor John Burrows FRSProfessor John P Burrows, former Director of Biogeochemistry at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has been awarded the Alfred Wegener Medal by the European Geosciences Union. Prof Burrows was also recently elected as a new Fellow of the Royal Society.

Professor Mark Bailey, Director, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, said, “John is a current Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Research Fellow and our ex Science Director for Biogeochemistry. We are delighted he has received these well-deserved awards. John is a valued colleague and outstanding intellect who has made a significant contribution to environmental and space science.”

Prof Burrows is currently the Professor of Environmental Physics and Remote Sensing at the University of Bremen Institute of Environmental Physics and Remote Sensing. He was the scientific leader of the SCIAMACHY Project and his research has contributed to our scientific understanding of air pollution, the ozone layer, the upper atmosphere, biogeochemistry and climate change.


Professor John Burrows - current research

European Geosciences Union - announcement of Alfred Wegener Medal

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