Over the last twelve months Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) scientists have worked on a large number of research projects progressing towards the challenges outlined in the current science strategy ‘Integrated Science for Our Changing World’.

Frozen landscape

Throughout 2009 many projects and publications have generated significant interest from the public. High profile projects have included CEH work on ants, butterflies, ladybirds, flooding, nanoparticles, climate models, climate policy, tracking changes in the UK's countryside, English, Welsh and Scottish reports for the UK Countryside Survey, environmental genomics, pollinators and valuing the natural environment. CEH has also collaborated with other research organisations in a number of large scale initiatives including projects on seabird monitoring, European climate policy and pollination research. During the year the organisation continued work on our current Transition and Integration restructuring programme, due to end in 2010.

More information on CEH research can be found in the 2009 news archive, and via the Water, Biodiversity and Biogeochemistry science programme pages.