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Understanding Biosphere - Atmosphere Interactions and feedbacks

CEH's new Science Strategy , which was published in January 2014, identifies three interdependent, major societal and environmental challenges:...


UK Butterfly monitoring - explaining the schemes and surveys

There’s been lots of coverage today of a new set of data on UK butterfly numbers. You may have seen headlines such as “ Farmland butterflies bounce...


Scientists from CEH comment on the ongoing flooding situation in the UK

Scientists from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have provided the following new comments on the ongoing storms and flooding situation in the...


Scientists from CEH and BGS comment on the ongong flooding situation in the UK

Scientists from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and their NERC colleagues in the British Geological Survey have provided the following...


Record breakers? Climate change, statistics and the recent UK floods

This morning the Met Office and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology released a report on the recent storms and floods in the UK. You can read the...


How exposed are the world's rivers to pollutant chemicals discharged from domestic sources?

CEH scientists Andrew Johnson, Virginie Keller and Richard Williams blog about their new paper examining pollution in the world’s rivers. All around...


A look at ladybirds, drugs and floods - CEH paperblog 9

For our first paperblog of 2014 we take a look at ladybirds, drugs and floods. We start with three new papers highlighting different aspects of...


CEH research shows ammonia emissions affect sensitive habitats upwind of a poultry farm

CEH recently led a study that found that ammonia emissions from an intensive poultry unit were detected nearly three kilometres upwind, deep within a...


An interim update on the UK's hydrological situation

Terry Marsh, the leader of the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme* at CEH, has just sent us an interim update on the UK's hydrological...


Rainfall, UK floods and the potential impacts of climate change?

Water is again much in the news this week with widespread flooding across the UK following several weeks of very stormy weather. It's been a...