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How is land use change altering global patterns of soil erosion?

According to a recent study by the University of Basel, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, almost 36 billion tons of soil is eroded every year due to water (mostly rainfall), while deforestation and other changes in land use make the problem worse.

World Antibiotics Awareness Week Twitter chat

As part of activities for World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017, Dr Andrew Singer of CEH joined a panel of experts to discuss antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance in the environment (AMR).

The Twitter chat was arranged by the Infectious Diseases Hub. You can see their Storify of all the TalkAMR tweets here or read through Andrew's answers below with further relevant links:

Policy application of science - Science for Defra presentation

Professor David Fowler FRS CBE of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology gave a keynote presentation to the Science for Defra conference at the Royal Society, London in March 2017. Prof Fowler spoke about the policy application of science, particularly in relation to air quality policy and environmental quality.

View the slides from his presentation below:

Providing practical support for catchment management

Professor Bridget Emmett from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is the project lead for the Catchment Management Modelling Platform (CaMMP) which was launched on 9 March 2017 at an event hosted by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in London. Through a web-based platform the CaMMP project aims to improve access to and integration between data and models that help address key questions in catchment management for water quality and wider ecosystem services.

Lifetime achievement award for Sarah and Mike

Professors Sarah Wanless and Mike Harris of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology were the hugely popular recipients of a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's International Seabird Group Conference.

High impact weather in a changing climate

CEH scientists who work on issues including air quality, drought, intense rainfall and climate change were among those at a three-day conference focusing on strategic issues relating to High Impact Weather and Climate. The event, organised by the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) and National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), took place from 6-8 July 2016.


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