Unpicking the impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater ecosystems

Our freshwaters are impacted by many types of stressors from nutrient pollution and bankside modifications to water scarcity, floods and climate change, resulting in about 60% of Europe’s lakes and rivers being unacceptably degraded. Here, UKCEH authors Laurence Carvalho, Bryan Spears and Stephen Thackeray discuss a new study that unpicks the effects of these multiple stressors with important implications for the management of European lakes and rivers.

Bear Grylls joins CEH freshwater scientists for one of Britain’s Biggest Adventures

For the final episode of his ITV series exploring Britain’s Biggest Adventures, Bear Grylls is in Scotland on a journey that takes him from Britain’s deepest point to its highest mountain. CEH freshwater ecologist Dr Laurence Carvalho was among those accompanying Bear on one of his adventures. He tells us more…

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