An update from the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme

Since the 1970s, committees led by CEH have provided a platform for bringing together the UK's national and international activities in the field of hydrology and water resources management. At present this committee is the UK Committee for National and International Hydrology, which aims to better coordinate UK efforts in national and international hydrological and water resources management research.

India-UK Water Security Exchange Initiative - report

In February 2016, the UK invited a delegation of senior water managers and decision makers to take part in a high level exchange initiative to share knowledge on water security and the Ganga clean-up. A progressive and informative agenda was developed, bringing together UK key policymakers, regulators, researchers and water industry specialists to engage with Indian counterparts.

Managing the world's water - sharing good practice

Dr Harry Dixon reports from the World Water Congress in Edinburgh

This week (26 May 2015) CEH organised a Special Session at the International Water Resources Association’s (IWRA) World Water Congress. The Congress is the Association’s 15th global gathering and this year it is being held in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, reflecting the Scottish Government’s drive to grow the water sector under its HydroNation agenda.

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