Valuing the benefits of marine ecosystem services

Dr Gill Ainsworth talks about a recent project and film exploring what people value about our seas, carried out as part of the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme:

What does the sea mean to you? Enjoying fresh, salty air? Visiting beautiful beaches and remote islands? Perhaps a livelihood from fishing, sailing or diving? Maybe the chance to encounter seabirds or dolphins or to eat freshly caught, local seafood?

Should we put a price on nature?

Dr Gill Ainsworth gives a short overview of a project and film in which users of the marine environment talk about their shared cultural values and experiences...

Understanding the non-monetary values people hold about nature is fundamental to understanding human wellbeing. This is important because local communities contribute significantly to conserving the natural environment. Yet, they have to bear the cost of, but often have no say in, the management decisions that affect their lives.

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