Bee on a flower

Bee on a flower

Jo Chamberlain and Jan Dick of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology tell us more about how you can help to identify knowledge gaps and ultimately address environmental policy and innovation needs post-Brexit...

Submissions closed on 4th December 2017

Following the vote to leave the EU, we are in an unprecedented period of uncertainty and change, but also potential opportunity for environmental policy in the UK. The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has recognised this and plans to develop a research and innovation programme to support evidence-based policy making under the Environmental Evidence for the Future (EEF) Initiative.

CEH is supporting NERC to develop this programme and, with the NERC Policy Partnerships team, we have implemented a series of workshops across the UK engaging government departments and agencies, industry and NGOs in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. These horizon-scanning workshops resulted in a prioritised list of drivers of environmental change out to the year 2040, and 65 challenges on topics involving climate change, air quality, farming and forestry, environmental protection, conservation, water, marine and fisheries, as well as issues affecting the UK Overseas Territories.

Take part

The initiative is now in its next phase and evidence gaps and needs are being identified that can help address these challenges. This is being done through on online web-based tool open until 4th December 2017. The academic and wider community is being encouraged to search through challenges in their areas of interest, and submit information and ideas on evidence needs needed to meet these challenges.

This is a chance to influence an emerging new cross-council research programme which will have an impact on UK government policy and our wider society post-Brexit, so submit your ideas before the 4th December deadline!

Joanne Chamberlain and Jan Dick

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