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Preparing the ground for PARAGUAS field work

Dr France Gerard (CEH) reports on her recent visit to Boyaca, Colombia with her colleague Dr Maria Paula Escobar-Tello (Bristol University). They were meeting Colombian collaborators and local communities in preparation for the upcoming field campaigns in the páramos of Boyacá, Colombia, a key element of the UK-Colombia funded PARAGUAS project.

How are people and plants influencing water storage in the Northern Andes?

Dr France Gerard announces the start of an exciting three-year project called PARAGUAS, a collaboration between UK and Colombian researchers to investigate how plants and people influence the water storage capacity of the Páramos, an important mountain biome found in the Northern Andean regions...

Mapping Monkey Fever Risk

Dr France Gerard provides the latest update from the MonkeyFeverRisk project, a collaboration between UK and Indian researchers to investigate Kyansur Forest Disease (KFD) or Monkey Fever, an emerging tick-borne haemorrhagic disease in India. The MonkeyFeverRisk project will ultimately provide tools and information to be used by disease managers working directly with affected communities. One of the strands of work is a field campaign to understand and map human and ecological risk factors across affected areas...

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