CEH staff and students presented at two major international science conferences in December. In the now traditional pre-Christmas double header, the AGU Fall Meeting and the British Ecological Society Annual Meeting both took place in the same week.

Ecology Across Borders

This year's BES Annual Meeting was a joint meeting with GfÖ (the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and NecoV (ecological societies of the Dutch-Flemish language region) and is held in association with the European Ecological Federation (EEF). Billed as "Ecology Across Borders", it took place at the International Conference Centre in Ghent, Belgium from 11-14 December.

Some 1500 ecologists from around the world are expected to attend for a packed programme of talks, poster sessions, workshops, special interest group events and social activities (including Science Slam, an evening of ecological comedy, creativity and costumes!). Click below to see abstracts from presentations and posters led by CEH scientists and students (in some cases the work was presented by colleagues).

EAB2017 / BES2017 presentations and posters

Tuesday 12 December

Tom August: Quantifying the behaviour of Citizen Scientists reveals the origins of bias in volunteer collected data

Adam Vanbergen: Network size, structure, and mutualism dependence affect the propensity for plant-pollinator extinction cascades

Sabine Reinsch presenting on behalf of Bridget Emmett et al: The role of coupled macronutrient cycles for ecosystem service supply at the landscape scale

Anita Weatherby presenting on behalf of Rosemary Hails: Research challenges around Valuing Nature

Abby Wallwork (PhD): Linking functional diversity with soil carbon dynamics in second growth tropical forests (poster)

Hélène Audusseau: Field and theoretical study of the role of biotic interactions on community assemblage of nettle-feeding butterflies (poster)

Emily Waddell (PhD): Plant community change and the invasion of fragmented tropical forests (poster)

Fiona Seaton (PhD): Soil water repellency as a strategy for ecosystem resilience (poster)

Luis Carrasco: Environmental heterogeneity regulates bird richness at a 1-km scale in the UK: Identifying priorities for maintaining UK bird diversity (poster)

Sarah Walkington (PhD): Modelling the development of caste-specific gut microbiota in bumblebees (poster)

Matt Greenwell (PhD): Butterfly Genetics Monitoring Scheme: 2020 Pilot Study (poster)

Lisanne van Willegen (PhD): Interaction effects of climate change and land management on the hydrology of dune slack habitat (poster)

Wednesday 13 December

James Bullock: Novel approaches to predicting plant species' movement under climate change

Danny Hooftman (Fellow): Of rabbits and men: drivers of meta-population dynamics of wild cabbage

Sabine Reinsch: Upland soil carbon stocks are more vulnerable to drought than to warming

Jordan Chetcuti (PhD): Landscape connectivity effects on alpha, beta, and gamma diversity (poster)

Charlie Outhwaite (PhD): It’s not all bad news: A study of UK biodiversity change of over 12,000 species from 34 taxonomic groups (poster)

Susan Jarvis: How much bog is there in Britain? (poster)

Lindsay Banin: Inter-specific and environmental variability in woody functional traits of tropical trees (poster)

Paul George (PhD): Prospecting for pathogens in national soil monitoring programme (poster)

Thursday 14 December

Nick Isaac: Global drivers of population abundance in terrestrial vertebrates

Richard Howells (PhD): Carry over effects of reproduction drive phenology and productivity in an iterperous breeder

Away from the oral and poster sessions, there were a number of special interest group meetings and other activities. On Tuesday, the BES Tropical Ecology Group co-hosted a discussion event on The Art of Science Communication, featuring a contribution from Steve Thackeray discussing some of his science art. The Citizen Science Special Interest Group included a look at wildlife recording apps such as those provided by CEH.

Meanwhile, the AGU Fall Meeting, which is the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world, took place in New Orleans, Louisiana from 11-15 December. Some 24,000 scientists were expected to attend. See details of CEH contributions below:

AGU17 presentations and posters

Simon Parry was a co-convenor and chair during sessions on Hydroclimatic Extremes: Drought. He is also presenting a poster on Prospects for Groundwater Drought Termination in the UK in 2017-18.

Katie Smith presented an overview from the Historic Droughts team: The hydroclimatology of UK droughts: evidence from newly recovered and reconstructed datasets from the late 19th century to present.

Katie also presented a poster entitled When to Make Mountains out of Molehills: The Pros and Cons of Simple and Complex Model Calibration Procedures

Maliko Tanguy: Sensitivity of monthly streamflow forecasts to the quality of rainfall forcing: When do dynamical climate forecasts outperform the Ensemble Streamflow Prediction (ESP) method? (poster)

Edward Comyn-Platt: Climate Objectives and Feedback Effects on Future Emissions

Ashish Malik: Environmental context affects microbial ecophysiological mechanisms underpinning soil carbon storage under different land use

Alberto Martinez de la Torre: Evaluation of Dry-Down Processes in Global Models (Hydrological and LSMs) Using Flux Tower Evapotranspiration Data

Additional information

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