National Capability

In our role as a strategic delivery partner for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), UKCEH provides National Capability for freshwater, terrestrial and near atmosphere science. This enables the UK to stay at the forefront of environmental science globally and to deliver national strategic research. Through it, we provide the knowledge, data and insights that researchers, UK and devolved governments, and businesses need to create a productive, resilient and healthy environment.

National Capability programmes

National Capability programmes rely on UKCEH's fundamental capabilities in water, land and air science. These include measurement, monitoring and observation, the generation, management and dissemination of large-scale, long-term data sets, and expertise in analytics, forecasting and projection. This work is enabled through our large-scale infrastructures of sensor networks and platforms, and delivered in partnership with other research centres. These capabilities in turn support researchers, governments, business and society.

Environmental data

Our National Capability generates publicly available environmental data sets, software models and decision-support tools, enabling world-class environmental research, resource management and policy development. It underpins and enables the wider community of environmental scientists to carry out research that addresses a range of challenges that improve human and environment health, mitigate climate change and support economic development. These are science-led initiatives designed to improve our quality of life while living within Earth's limits.

The Environmental Information Data Centre

The Environmental Information Data Centre is one of the NERC's network of environmental data centres. Delivered by UKCEH, it is a focal point for the terrestrial and freshwater sciences community, enabling the UK's researchers to make their data available and safeguard it for future application.

Our National Capability programmes: