Wallingford Meteorological Station

The meteorological station at our Wallingford, Oxfordshire site has been measuring local weather conditions, including daily rainfall, sunshine and temperature parameters, since 1962. Observations are also made of cloud cover, present weather and visibility.

Daily data

These graphs display the data manually recorded from the met site over the last six months. Latest values are shown in the top right hand corner of each graph.

Key: Red and blue areas represent lowest or highest values recorded on each day over the period of record (the narrow envelope in the concrete minimum temperature exists as this has only been measured since May 2011). The grey line represents the long term average.

Dry bulb temperature

Minimum temperature

Maximum temperature

Grass minimum temperature

Concrete minimum temperature


Ground level rainfall

Soil temperatures

Sunshine hours

Mean wind

Further information

View a time-lapse video from the met station


Facility Type: 

  • Monitoring Site

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