Tackling global challenges

Environmental science at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology tackles global challenges. We provide research-based evidence, advice and solutions across the world, supporting sustainable development and improving society’s environmental legacy.

Our capabilities are driven by the need to address many of the world’s most pressing environmental and societal challenges including those identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We address these issues both in our UK-based research and projects undertaken worldwide.

This global work is characterised by collaboration and engagement both with UK and international universities, scientific institutions, governments, businesses, civil society, and industries. Through these collaborations, our complementary expertise, allied with region-specific knowledge, leads to world-class science and solutions.

UKCEH's international activities

Through our international research we are making a difference by:

  • Applying our research to identify early warnings of environmental change;
  • Helping to inform evidence-based environmental policy;
  • Developing decision support tools to assist with management responses to protect land and freshwaters;
  • Providing support and capacity building to developing countries. 

We are active in projects and partnerships across the globe, working with different sectors and focused on a range of issues from developing hydro-climate services, to restoration and remediation, and managing sustainable ecosystems. Examples include:

  • Understanding hydro-climatic services for water management and addressing the risks associated with hydro-climatic extremes (floods and drought);

  • Restoration and remediation of contaminated land and water including understanding sources, transport and fate of pollutants;

  • Management of landscapes for environmental sustainability and long-term resilience.

For more detail on our activities please use the regional and country links below.

Contact us

For general enquiries, please use our Contacts page. To discuss our international portfolio, contact:

Science Director: Alan Jenkins
Business Development Manager: David Fraser
International Development Opportunities Manager: Caroline King
Science Coordinator: Anita Jobson