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Tips for managing your Health and wellbeing

Your physical and mental wellbeing are more important than ever as many of us work from home under less than ideal conditions. The current situation is challenging for everyone, in different ways. Remember to take breaks, adjust your posture and keep in touch with colleagues. We all need to make the best of this less than ideal situation in whatever ways we can. This will require us to adapt to new routines and be flexible in our working approaches.

Continue to report work-related DSE and wellbeing issues to your line manager and also in the AINM system so that you can be supported.

Look after yourself

It’s easy to slip into the frustration or even fear generated by the constant news and we all need a way to release that, whether it’s exercise or just having a chat. People might cope with stress by drinking more than they would usually, or by eating unhealthy food to comfort ourselves. The evidence however is clear that by looking after yourself and engaging in health-promoting behaviours (such as getting good sleep, eating a balanced diet and exercising), you will be protecting yourself both physically and psychologically from the Coronavirus (both the threat of it and the virus itself).

See some useful hints, tips and links about looking after yourself here.

More information on all these issues can be obtained from the SHE team – Safety, Health & Environmental - and People & Skills and your Welfare team.

Please remember you have access to the Welfare service and the Employee Assistance Programme at this challenging time. You can contact them and talk any issues over in complete confidence - they are there for you.

Details are also on the Risk management page.