CEH science strategy

The increasing global population is making ever greater demands on limited natural resources and is driving human-mediated environmental change, including alterations to our climate. Natural hazards remind us of our vulnerability and dependency on the natural and managed environment. The response, a pursuit of security and sustainability, underlines the need for a systems approach to opportunities and threats alike, where a holistic understanding supports improved decision-making for our society, economy and environment.

Science strategy 2014-2019: “Meeting the Challenges of Environmental Change

Our Science Strategy 2014-2019, “Meeting the Challenges of Environmental Change" identifies three interdependent, major societal and environmental challenges, and are aligned with NERC’s Strategy. These are:

We are delivering our Strategy through eight Science Areas underpinned by Monitoring & Observation Systems and Environmental Informatics, and supported by Business and Policy Innovation, and Public Engagement.  This approach is intended to make our researchers and science more accessible to our audiences and customers, enabling us to define, develop and deliver integrated research in partnership.CEH science structure diagram


Download the strategy:

 PDF icon Meeting the Challenges of Environmental Change - CEH Science Strategy 2014-2019.pdf