Progress in UK Environmental Prediction research
Post date: 2019-07-30
Dr. Toby Richard Marthews
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) is a major partner in the UK Environmental Prediction (UKEP) initiative, a national collaboration delivering new research on high resolution interactions...
Analysis of climate volatility provides important insights on potential for rapid warming
Post date: 2019-07-25
Prof. Chris Huntingford
Prof Chris Huntingford, a climate modeller at CEH, is a co-author with colleagues from Exeter University on an important new study on decadal climate variations...Much of climate research is about...
CEH research helps inform Welsh Government’s sustainable farming consultation
Post date: 2019-07-22
Simon Williams
A project led by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has made a major contribution to the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Farming and our Land consultation through evidence collected by the...
Meeting the kestrel family
Post date: 2019-07-19
Each spring and summer we stream a live camera feed from a nestbox used by kestrels at our Wallingford, Oxfordshire site. It’s hugely popular with viewers on YouTube but also offers a valuable...
Parasites hinder female seabirds’ reproductive success
Post date: 2019-07-18
Simon Williams
A study by the University of Liverpool and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) has found that parasites reduced female seabirds’ reproductive success by 30%, while seeming to have...
Bringing CEH science to the Edinburgh Climate Festival
Post date: 2019-07-18
Scientists from CEH’s Edinburgh site took part in this year’s Edinburgh Climate Festival, a community-led initiative organised by Edinburgh & Lothian’s Regional Equality Council (ELREC). The...
UK Hydrological Status Update - July 2019
Post date: 2019-07-15
Lucy Barker
The hydrological situation has been extremely mixed of late. June began with the Environment Agency responding to concerns from farmers about drought, but a week later, there was severe flooding in...
Online calculator shows how trees improve air quality and reduce health costs
Post date: 2019-07-12
Simon Williams
A new interactive online tool is set to encourage tree planting initiatives across the UK. It calculates how much pollution would be removed by planting trees in local areas, as well as the...
Online calculator shows how trees can improve air quality and cut health costs
Post date: 2019-07-12
Simon Williams
Insight into how puffins catch food outside breeding season
Post date: 2019-07-10
Simon Williams
Little is known about how seabirds catch their food outside the breeding season but using modern technology, researchers at the University of Liverpool and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have...


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