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Isle of May breeding success https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/isle-may-breeding-success 22130 2017-08-31 Mark Newell, Isle of May Field Manager, reports on a successful 2017 season for the main study speciesWith the final checks completed by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) after the 46th... view
How can we enhance water management in Europe? https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/how-can-we-enhance-water-management-europe 22127 2017-08-29 The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) is to host an international eConference bringing together Europe’s leading experts in the field of aquatic ecosystems and water resources management.More... view
Modelling impacts of floating solar panels on lakes https://www.ceh.ac.uk/our-science/projects/modelling-impacts-floating-solar-panels-lakes 22124 2017-08-25 Dr. Ian Jones view
BES Award for CEH Fellow https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/bes-award-ceh-fellow 22123 2017-08-24 Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) Fellow Professor Alan Gray has been awarded the BES Award from the British Ecological Society (BES) in recognition of ‘exceptional voluntary service to the... view
Satellite reveals marked reduction in oilseed rape https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/satellite-reveals-marked-reduction-oilseed-rape 22120 2017-08-21 The latest Land Cover Plus® Crops map produced by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) and RSAC Ltd reveals an overall 15% reduction in the area of oilseed rape (OSR) grown across Britain in... view
Slurry crusts, greenhouse gas emissions and methane-consuming bacteria https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/potential-methane-consuming-bacteria-reducing-greenhouse-gas-emissions 22116 2017-08-21 Dr. Sabine Reinsch Dr Sabine Reinsch explains more about a new paper looking at methane-consuming bacteria present in liquid slurry crusts and their potential effect on reducing greenhouse gas emissions...The... view
iLEAPS science conference in September https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/ileaps-science-conference-september 22118 2017-08-21 The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) is hosting the 5th iLEAPS science conference at the Said Business School in Oxford – bringing together the world’s leading experts on ecosystem-atmosphere... view
Insect hoarding cage for toxicology assay https://www.ceh.ac.uk/services/insect-hoarding-cage-toxicology-assay-technology 22117 2017-08-18 Paulette Burns A licensing / collaboration opportunity with the NERC Centre for Ecology & HydrologyInsect hoarding cage for toxicology assayBenefitsLonger subject life than standard cages enabling extended... view
Early career researchers consider freshwater science https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/early-career-researchers-consider-freshwater-science 22074 2017-08-18 Dr. Will J Brownlie Will Brownlie tells us more about a new research brief he and fellow early career researchers from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) have produced for Inland Waters, the journal of the... view
Hydrological situation update, or: whatever happened to the ‘drought’? https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/uk-hydrological-update-or-whatever-happened-to-the-drought 22112 2017-08-16 Mr. Jamie Hannaford Jamie Hannaford, head of the Hydrological Status and Reporting group at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, summarises the current UK hydrological situation...Back in April, we wrote a blog post... view


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