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New findings from the UK National Ammonia Monitoring Network https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/new-findings-uk-national-ammonia-monitoring-network 22497 2018-02-01 A recently published assessment of data from the UK National Ammonia Monitoring Network has revealed intriguing patterns in both atmospheric ammonia and particulate ammonium. The Network was... view
Exploring alternatives to farming without neonics https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/exploring-alternatives-farming-without-neonics 22496 2018-01-31 Paulette Burns ASSIST is a major collaborative NERC and BBSRC-funded research programme exploring methods to deliver sustainainable intensification of agriculture. Tackling one of the big challenges of our day it... view
Training newsletter https://www.ceh.ac.uk/training/ceh-training-newsletter 22495 2018-01-31 Dr. Ingo Schüder Sign up to our training newsletter. We will send you an update of available courses 4-6 times a year.Subscribe to our mailing list* indicates requiredEmail Address * First Name Last Name... view
New project - Data Science of the Natural Environment https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/new-project-data-science-natural-environment 22493 2018-01-29 Dr. Barnaby Smith Scientists from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology will play a key role in a new £3.1M ‘Data Science of the Natural Environment’ project, announced today by the Engineering and Physical Sciences... view
EKLIPSE https://www.ceh.ac.uk/our-science/projects/eklipse-0 22492 2018-01-29 Heather Lowther [[{"fid":"11779","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"EKLIPSE-Logo","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"EKLIPSE-Logo... view
Train the Trainer https://www.ceh.ac.uk/training/train-trainer 22489 2018-01-24 Dr. Ingo Schüder How to communicate and share your expertise via coaching, training courses, workshops, teaching and knowledge sharing.Location:  CEH Wallingford, Maclean Building, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford... view
Narrowing down long-term global warming estimates https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/narrowing-down-long-term-global-warming-estimates 22483 2018-01-18 Dr. Barnaby Smith Uncertainty surrounding the extent of future climate change could be dramatically reduced by studying year-on-year global temperature fluctuations, new research has shown.A team of scientists from... view
Chemicals in our wastewater...and our rivers - closing the water cycle loop https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/chemicals-wastewater-rivers-water-cycle-loop 22482 2018-01-17 Dr. Andrew C Singer Dr Andrew Singer is leading CEH's research into antimicrobial resistance in the environment. Antimicrobials represent a small fraction of the chemicals that are continuously released into the... view
December 2017 UK Hydrological Summary https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/december-2017-uk-hydrological-summary 22481 2018-01-16 December was a mixed month and was subject to a range of weather types, in contrast to the predominantly westerly conditions that prevailed for much of 2017. Generally, it was relatively dry across... view
How is land use change altering global patterns of soil erosion? https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/how-land-use-change-altering-global-patterns-soil-erosion 22478 2018-01-08 Paulette Burns According to a recent study by the University of Basel, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, almost 36 billion tons of soil is eroded every year... view


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