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Why Defra, the Environment Agency and the Water Industry should take notice of the CMO Report https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/why-defra-environment-agency-and-water-industry-should-take-notice-cmo-report 22530 2018-03-02 Dr. Andrew C Singer Senior Scientist Dr Andrew Singer, who contributed to today’s Annual Report from the Chief Medical Officer for England, gives his reaction to the report's recommendations.Today Dame Sally Davies, the... view
Sea swimming associated with increased illness https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/sea-swimming-associated-increased-illness 22526 2018-02-27 Dr. Barnaby Smith People who swim, bathe or take part in water sports in the sea are substantially more likely to experience stomach bugs, ear aches and other types of illness than those who do not.The large-scale... view
Putting the concept of ecosystem services into practice https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/putting-concept-ecosystem-services-practice 22506 2018-02-27 Paulette Burns "The Ecosystem Approach is much more than accepting ecosystems as the core of environmental management. It recognises that people and society are integral components of ecosystems and their... view
Sustaining Water Resources for Food, Energy & Ecosystem Services Programme (SWR) https://www.ceh.ac.uk/our-science/projects/sustaining-water-resources-food-energy-ecosystem-services-swr 22491 2018-02-16 Faye Stokes [[{"fid":"11840","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","alignment":"","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Ministry of Earth Sciences Government of India","... view
Will droughts in East Africa become more common? https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/will-droughts-east-africa-become-more-common 22511 2018-02-14 Prof. Chris Huntingford Hui Yang and Chris Huntingford comment on a brief communication paper published this week, in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth Systems Sciences.In our new paper we use available climate models... view
January 2018 Hydrological Summary for the UK https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/january-2018-hydrological-summary-uk 22510 2018-02-14 January was a decidedly wintery month across the UK, interspersed with strong winds and snowfalls over higher ground. Although there were four named storms, January was only moderately wetter than... view
HR Coordinator - based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire https://www.ceh.ac.uk/careers/hr-coordinator-based-wallingford-oxfordshire-0 22507 2018-02-13 Jules McShee Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your HR career? The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) is working towards an exciting transition to become an independent research centre and... view
New guide to selecting ecosystem service models for decision-making https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/new-guide-selecting-ecosystem-service-models-decision-making 22505 2018-02-08 Dr. Barnaby Smith Ecosystems are essential to human life, livelihoods and wellbeing. Many national policies and international agreements include goals to protect ecosystem services. A new guide – commissioned by the... view
New research expands the potential of environmental DNA techniques in river monitoring https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/news/new-research-expands-potential-environmental-dna-techniques-river-monitoring 22500 2018-02-05 Paulette Burns Environmental DNA survives for less than two days in small fast-flowing rivers, providing highly localised and current information on species composition, new experimental research has shown. This is... view
In-field wild flower strips https://www.ceh.ac.uk/news-and-media/blogs/wildflowers-field-strips 22499 2018-02-02 Dr. Ben Alex Woodcock Dr Ben Woodcock tells us more about why in-field flower strips are being trialled as a method to promote better pest control...The need to get natural enemies of pests into arable crops, and... view


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