Reports fill gaps in evidence about risks from climate change
Post date: 2020-08-03
Simon Williams
The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) has made a major contribution to a series of new reports for the Government’s independent advisory body on climate change. The research commissioned...
Floods and Droughts Research Infrastructure Project (FDRI)
Post date: 2020-07-22
CEH Admin1
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Cumulative Effects Framework for Key Ecological Receptors
Post date: 2020-07-22
Dr. Deena C Mobbs
For impacts to be combined in a robust manner it is critical that individual projects are assessed in the same manner. However, historically this has not always been the case. Moreover, ...
UKCEH develops customised E-Planner tool for dairy farmers
Post date: 2020-07-21
Simon Williams
The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) is enabling dairy farmers make science-based decisions on which agri-environment options to introduce on their land.Through a collaboration with Arla...
More than 6000 plant records released for Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot
Post date: 2020-07-17
Dr. Oliver L. Pescott
Since 2015, UKCEH studies of the impacts of non-native plants on Cyprus have collected more than 6,000 plant occurrence records for the island. These have now been published openly on the Global...
Invasive alien species may soon cause dramatic global biodiversity loss
Post date: 2020-07-15
Simon Williams
An increase of 20 to 30 per cent in invasive non-native (alien) species would lead to dramatic future biodiversity loss worldwide. This is the conclusion of a study by an international team of...
Cumulative Effects Framework Contact
Post date: 2020-07-14
CEH Admin1
New experiment tests link between nature and wellbeing
Post date: 2020-07-14
Simon Williams
A citizen science project is investigating the relationship between nature and people’s wellbeing.‘Nature up close and personal: A wellbeing experiment’ is a collaboration between the UK Centre for...
Almost 2 million acres of GB grassland lost as woodland and urban areas expand
Post date: 2020-07-09
Simon Williams
A major loss of grassland and significant increases in urbanisation and woodland in Great Britain since 1990 have been revealed in a new scientific analysis of land cover changes across the country....
Work begins on UK system for estimating COVID-19 cases from wastewater
Post date: 2020-07-02
Simon Williams
Scientists will develop a standardised UK-wide system for detecting coronavirus in wastewater, in order to provide an early warning of future outbreaks and reduce reliance on costly testing of large...


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