CEH is a public-sector research centre, part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). NERC Council has agreed that CEH should proceed to the next stage of a process to consider changes to CEH’s ownership and governance with the best option identified as a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, with charitable status. In the meantime CEH will continue to deliver its world class science as part of NERC.

CEH management and infrastructure

Director Mark J Bailey is responsible for the review of CEH's governance and ownership and leads the organisation through a number of boards and committees:

  • Executive Board, comprising Director CEH, Science Directors, Director for People and Operations and Director Impact & Innovation, is responsible for the operational policies and procedures of CEH. It is supported by committees which focus on key areas such as finance, people and skills and estates management.
  • Science Board, which comprises Director CEH, Science Directors, Director Environmental Informatics and Director Impact & Innovation and is attended by Director for People and Operations, is responsible for CEH's Science Strategy.

Details of the Directors

External advice

CEH receives independent advice from two external groups:


CEH receives national capability funding from NERC, as well generating competitively won income primarily from the Research Councils, government departments and agencies, EU Research and Innovation Programmes and international public and private sectors.
Further details are contained in the NERC Annual Report.

The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is responsible for providing strategic advice to CEH Directors. It comprises representatives of our main stakeholders, as well as independent policy and commercialisation experts.

Terms of Reference

  • Developing a long-term vision for CEH.
  • Enhancing the profile of CEH as one of the foremost environmental research centres internationally.
  • Developing overall priorities and opportunities for furthering the CEH mission.
  • Expanding CEH's outreach and liaison with its main user groups.
  • Reviewing the role of CEH staff in providing scientific advice and communication.
  • Improving management policy and administration.
  • Reviewing the context of the Centre's Annual Report and Corporate Plan.

Advisory Committee membership

Prof Nick Butler
  • Visiting Professor and chair of the King's Policy Institute, King's College London
Lord Ewen Cameron of Dillington
  • Director of Dillington Park Farms Ltd
  • Cross-Bench Member of the House of Lords
Ms Fiona Fox OBE
  • Chief Executive of the Science Media Centre

Prof Iain Gillespie

  • Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research and Enterprise at the University of Leicester
Mr Lindsay Hargreaves
  • Managing Director of Frederick Hiam Ltd
Dr Phil Heads
  • Associate Director, Strategy & Evidence, NERC

Prof Louise Heathwaite

  • Professor of Land and Water Science, LEC, Lancaster University
  • Chief Scientific Advisor for Rural Affairs & Environment at the Scottish Advisory Council

Prof Paul Leinster CBE

  • Professor of Environmental Assessment, Cranfield University
Mr Benet Northcote
  • Group Director of Corporate Responsibility, John Lewis Partnership
Prof Steve Ormerod
  • Professor of Ecology, Cardiff University
  • Chairman of the RSPB Council
Prof Mark Bailey
  • Centre Director, CEH
Dr Nick Wells
  • Director of Impact & Innovation, CEH


The Science Development Group (SDG)

The Science Development Group (SDG) advises CEH on its Science Strategy and on the quality of its science delivery. SDG members meet with the Director CEH and Science Directors every year. Two SDG members provide expertise on each CEH Science Area and interact with science activities, including meeting the Science Area Lead annually. The SDG Chair is also a member of the CEH Advisory Committee.

Terms of reference

  • Advising on the CEH Science Strategy.
  • Advising on the development and integration of CEH Science Areas.
  • Providing expertise on Science Areas, advising on recent developments and making a critical assessment of current and future priorities.
  • Reporting to the CEH Advisory Committee and considering the impact of CEH activities and outputs.

Science Development Group membership

Prof Steve Ormerod (Chair)Cardiff University
Prof Steve BanwartUniversity of Sheffield
Prof Richard BardgettUniversity of Manchester
Prof Ian BatemanUniversity of East Anglia
Dr Giovanni BidoglioEuropean Commission Joint Research Centre
Prof Gordon BlairLancaster University
Paul DaviesMet Office
Prof Bob FerrierJames Hutton Institute
Prof Sue HartleyUniversity of York
Prof Alison HesterJames Hutton Institute
Dr Hefin JonesCardiff University
Prof Kevin JonesLancaster University
Prof Ally LewisUniversity of York
Mr Ian LiskHead of Natural Hazards, Met Office
Prof Lorraine MaltbyUniversity of Sheffield
Prof Juliet OsborneUniversity of Exeter
Prof Dave RaffaelliUniversity of York
Prof John ReesBritish Geological Survey
Dr Andy StottDefra
Prof Andrew WadeUniversity of Reading
Prof Susan WaldronUniversity of Glasgow
Prof Doug WilsonEnvironment Agency