Terry Marsh

Terry Marsh


Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Maclean Building
Benson Lane
Crowmarsh Gifford
OX10 8BB
T: +44 (0)1491 838800
F: +44 (0)1491 692424
E-mail: Terry Marsh


Current work

Leader of the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme – maintaining the associated publication programme (routine reports, scientific papers, web postings and briefing material).  Providing hydrological and hydrometric guidance and support within and outwith CEH.


Research interests

The detection and attribution of hydrological trends.  Design, evolution and optimisation of hydrometric networks and the performance of monitoring sites.  Maximising the use and utility of nationally collated hydrometric data.


Brief CV

  • 1998 to date: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Leader National Hydrological Monitoring Programme.  Member of Weather Editorial Board (1999-2005). 
  • 1982-1998: Institute of Hydrology, Senior, subsequently, Principal Hydrologist, National River Flow Archive Group.  From 1982, Leader of the UK National Hydrological Monitoring Programme; Editor of the Hydrological data UK series of publications. Member of CIWEM Water Resources Panel
  • 1974-1982: Dept of the Environment, Water Data Unit.  Head of Data Applications Section (1974-77); Manager of the National River Flow Archive (1977-82), Acting Manager, National Groundwater Level Archive (1981-82)
  • 1971-1974:  Water Resources Board.  Hydrometric Officer (National River Flow Archive)

Selected publications

See also the NERC Open Research Archive.

Marsh, Terry and Harvey, Catherine, L.  2012. The Thames flood series: a lack of trend in flood magnitude and a decline in maximum levels.  Hydrology Research 43.3, 203-214.

Marsh, Terry 2012.  Droughts and water management in England and Wales – with particular reference to reservoirs and lakes. Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs (Eds: Bengsston, Lars, Herschy, Reginald W. and Fairbairn, Rhodes W.), Springer. pp 208-11

Marsh, T.J. and Hannaford, J.  2007. The Summer 2007 floods in England & Wales – a hydrological appraisal.  National Hydrological Monitoring Programme. CEH/BGS. 32 pages.

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