Prof Sarah Wanless

Professor Sarah Wanless, FRSE

Seabird Ecologist

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Bush Estate
EH26 0QB
T: +44 (0)131 4454343
F: +44 (0)131 4453943
E-mail: Professor Sarah Wanless

Research interests

My research is largely focused on the long-term studies of demography, behaviour and diet of seabirds breeding at the colony on the Isle of May at the entrance to the Firth of Forth.

Current interests include improving our understanding of the effects of climate change and fisheries management on North Sea seabird populations and the wider marine community. This is a challenging, complex issue that requires an inter-disciplinary approach and collaboration with researchers with specialist expertise in climatology, oceanography, atmospheric physics, plankton and marine mammal biology and fisheries management. A good example of this joined up approach was a recent European Union Framework 5 project investigating the interactions between seabirds, their prey and oceanographic conditions in the North Sea from the mid 1990s up to the present (IMPRESS). The fate of North Sea seabirds depends critically on their main prey, the lesser sandeel, which is also the target of a major human fishery. I have a particular interest in using seabirds as bio-indicators of sandeel abundance and condition. This work has recently highlighted a population explosion of a previously rare species, the snake pipefish. This fish is becoming increasingly common in the diet of a wide range of seabirds at colonies around the UK but represents a very poor alternative to sandeels, being low in nutrients and extremely difficult for chicks to swallow.

Other current collaborative projects include: investigating effects of ammonia emissions from seabird colonies, mechanisms for maintaining pathogen diversity in seabird populations, interactions between breeding seabirds and invasive plants, ageing and senescence, phenological responses to a changing conditions.



Recent publications

See also the NERC Open Research Archive.

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