CEH provides advanced modelling tools for understanding flood frequency and flood forecasting, developed from our extensive research programmes and access to national research facilities.

These latest models tackle the major challenges facing flood policymakers and managers, including real-time flood forecasting, climate change, increased urbanisation and changing rural land use. CEH’s flood models provide integrated solutions that test economic benefits, alternative catchment management solutions, sustainability and risks to lives and property.

Our services 

  • Real-time flood forecasting from catchment to national scales
  • Weather radar and integrated monitoring and telemetry systems 
  • Flood estimation tools for engineering and environmental design
  • National flood flow data management, application and dissemination
  • Flood mitigation using natural processes in rural and urban environments 
  • Flood inundation and risk modelling
  • Environmental costs and benefits of extreme flows
  • Erosion, sediment transport and siltation
  • Estimation of future flood risks under future climate
  • Capacity building in flood forecasting, estimation and mitigation

Our experience


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