Water Quality

Research work on water quality includes the following:

Data and experimental facilities



Modelling – simulating chemical, physical and biological processes in rivers

  • CASCADE – a spatially distributed water quality model that quantifies delivery of diffuse sources of pollution to watercourses
  • HarmoniRib – modelling uncertainty in river basin management across Europe
  • MAGIC – a dynamic model to predict the long-term effects of acid deposition on soils and surface water chemistry
  • OpenMI-Life – is a €4m, three-and-a-half year LIFE Environment Programme project, co-funded by the European Commission. Its objective is to transform the OpenMI, which was developed in the Framework 5 HarmonIT project, from a research output to a sustainable operational product
  • PC-IHACRES – continuous simulation unit hydrograph based catchment-scale rainfall-streamflow modelling
  • PC-QUASAR – water quality and flow model for river networks.
  • QUESTOR – water quality modelling package