Biogeochemistry Topic 2: Collaborative Research

Topic BG-2 participates in many collaborative projects. Examples of some of them and links to their respective websites are below.

  • ABACUS – Arctic Biosphere Atmosphere Coupling at Multiple Scales
  • ACES – Aerosol Coupling in the Earth System; a part of the NERC Directed Research Programme APPRAISE (Aerosol Properties, Processes And InfluenceS on the Earth's climate)
  • Amazonica – Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis
  • AMMA – African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis
  • CLASSIC – Climate and Land-Surface Interactions Centre
  • JULES (Joint UK Land Environment Simulator)
  • LULUCF – Land Use Change and Forestry component of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the UK


  • NCEO – Earth Observation for Climate Programme
  • NSINK – Sources, sinks and impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Arctic
  • OP3 – Oxidant and Particle Photochemical Processes above a Southeast Asian Tropical Rainforest
  • QUEST – Quantifying and Understanding the Earth System and CCMAP (Climate-Carbon Modelling, Assimilation and Prediction)
  • TROBIT – Tropical Biomes in Transition
  • WATCH – analysing, quantifying and predicting the components of the current and future global water cycles
  • UKREATE – UK research on the eutrophication and acidification of terrestrial ecosystems