ECOFACT 2a Technical Annex - Ellenberg's indicator values for British Plants

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ECOFACT 2a Technical Annex - Ellenberg’s indicator values for British Plants

M O Hill, J O Mountford, D B Roy & R G H Bunce

ISBN: 1 870393 48 1,  46pp,  July 1999

Vegetation is not only the essential component of most terrestrial ecosystems, but is also important because the plant species themselves carry information about the changes in environmental conditions in which they grow. The use of plants as indicators of key environmental factors was formalised by Professor Ellenberg in central Europe and has been adapted for British plants within the ECOFACT project. These indicator values are central to the detection of long-term ecological change and have a wide range of applications. They are therefore provided in this report, Ellenberg’s indicator values for British plants, Technical Annex to Volume 2 of the ECOFACT research report series.

This volume is now out of print but can be downloaded free of charge.

  • Download available as PDF - 450kb (Adobe Reader required)

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The Ellenberg values adapted for plants in Britain are also available in PLANTATT, which is still in print.