Ozone Pollution: Impacts on Carbon Sequestration in Europe

Report prepared by the ICP Vegetation. Editors: Harry Harmens and Gina Mills.
ISBN: 978-1-906698-31-7, 90pp, 2012, £0.00

This report synthesises current knowledge on the effects of ground-level ozone on carbon sequestration in the living biomass of trees.

For the first time, ozone effects in Europe have been quantified using the flux-based methodology that takes into account the modifying effect of climate, soil and plant factors on the amount of ozone taken up through leaf pores. Flux-based impacts of ozone on carbon sequestration in the living biomass of trees were estimated for the current (2000) and future climate (2040). This report also summarises the potential pathways via which ozone might affect carbon sequestration and how ozone impacts might interact in a future climate with elevated carbon dioxide, warming and increased drought episodes. Consequences for the global carbon and water cycle are described. Finally, recommendations are made for future policy aiming to protect vegetation from the adverse impacts of ozone on carbon sequestration. The report is produced by the ICP Vegetation team.

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