Provisional Atlas of British spiders (Arachnida, Araneae), Volumes 1 & 2

Peter R. Harvey, David R Nellist & Mark G Telfer

Vol 1 ISBN 1870393635, 214pp, 2002,
Vol 2 ISBN 1870393643, 192pp, 2002

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Published by the Biological Records Centre (external link)

An introductory section describes the history and coverage of the Spider Recording Scheme, and covers spider habitats and conservation. Also included is an essay on Hymenoptera and Diptera as natural enemies of British spiders. A full systematic list follows. The bulk of the Atlas comprises the species accounts and 10-kilometre square distribution maps for each of the 648 British species. Species accounts deal with status, distribution, habitat and ecology. Sections on threats and conservation management are also included for rarer species. For most species a graph of adult activity throughout the year has also been provided. A bibliography and index to species (valid names and selected (recent) synonyms) are included.

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