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Media Briefings Archive - 2011

The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology's Press Office often issues Media Briefings, which are short notes advising specialist journalists and stakeholders of publications and events that are not the subject of a full press release. Media briefings include alerts for the Monthly Hydrological Summary and also notification of peer-reviewed papers of interest to different groups such as the water industry and conservation sector.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Media Briefings - 2012

2012/12 - UK Hydrological summary for October 2012 published: Water resources outlook healthy - 14 Nov 2012 October was dull, cool and unsettled for most of the UK, and notably wet in some areas, continuing a pattern prevalent across much of the country since early spring.

2012/11 - UK Hydrological summary for September 2012 published: Dramatic climax to wet summer - 12 Oct 2012 September was generally a cool but sunny month with limited rainfall over the first three weeks. Thereafter cyclonic conditions prevailed with exceptionally high seven to ten-day rainfall totals.

2012/10 - UK Hydrological summary for August 2012 published: Soils close to saturation - 17 Sep 2012 August was another rather wet and relatively dull month contributing to the wettest summer since 1912. The extreme departures from normal seasonal rainfall patterns during 2012 resulted in soils being close to saturation over wide areas through most of the summer.

2012/09 - UK Hydrological summary for July 2012 published: Water resources healthy in most of country - 15 Aug 2012 The seasonally unusual southerly track of the jet stream persisted through the first three weeks of July 2012, bringing to the UK more of the unsettled weather which characterised the late spring and early summer.

2012/08 - UK Hydrological summary for June 2012 published: Almost complete end of drought conditions - 16 Jul 2012 The persistent and seasonally unusual southerly track of the jet stream contributed to June weather conditions more typical of the late autumn. Record June rainfall totals were recorded in many areas.

2012/07 - UK Hydrological summary for May 2012 published: Recovery in groundwater resources - 18 June 2012 May was fairly typical in terms of rainfall and temperatures for the month as a whole, but saw a marked contrast between the cool, unsettled weather which characterised the first three weeks and the hot, dry conditions which followed.

2012/06 - Warmth-loving butterflies show habitat contractions despite three decades of climate change - 12 June 2012 A new study has found that warmth-loving butterfly species in Great Britain occupy a more narrow range of habitats despite three decades of climate warming.

2012/05 - UK Hydrological summary for April 2012 published: Wet April greatly eases drought conditions - 15 May 2012 The wettest April in the last 100 years, and the coldest since 1989, served to greatly moderate drought conditions in parts of the UK, with the focus of short-term hydrological concern switching rapidly from drought stress to flood risk.

2012/04 - UK Hydrological summary for March 2012 published: Spatial range of drought extends during exceptionally mild month - 17 April 2012 March was an exceptionally mild month and the driest for the UK since 1953. Most of the country reported less than half the average rainfall, further intensifying the drought and extending its spatial range.

2012/03 - UK Hydrological summary for February 2012 published: Drought conditions intensify - 14 March 2012 February was a further month when synoptic patterns greatly restricted the passage of Atlantic frontal systems across most of southern and eastern Britain. Correspondingly, drought conditions intensified at a critical time in relation to the water resources outlook.

2012/02 - UK Hydrological summary for January 2012 published: North West-South East rainfall gradient - 14 February 2012 The synoptic patterns which have produced a remarkably sustained exaggeration in the NW-SE rainfall gradient across the UK continued in January 2012. Much of central, eastern and southern England was again relatively dry and the development of the current regional drought now extends across three winter periods with a range of impacts embracing water resources, agriculture and the aquatic environment.

2012/01 - December 2011 UK Hydrological summary published: end of a remarkable year - 17 January 2012 Meteorologically, 2011 was a remarkable year; the second warmest in the UK temperature record (from 1910) and notable for extreme regional disparities, with drought conditions in the English Lowlands contrasting dramatically with Scotland, which had its wettest year on record.


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