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WinTWINS (TWINSPAN): a 26-year old computer program still in hot demand 3rd October 2005


WinTWINS, a windows wrapper for the world famous TWINSPAN software which classifies vegetation data on the basis of species composition is now available from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology website.

TWINSPAN was written in 1979 by Dr Mark Hill who worked for the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology at our Monks Wood research site. The software is freely available and has been used to analyse many important ecological datasets to the extent that Mark has achieved the distinction of being rated by ISI as one of the most highly cited researchers for the field of environment and ecology. ISI is the global organisation that tracks the use of ideas contained in scientific research publications.

The software has now been updated for the Windows era by Petr Smilauer, of the University of South Bohemia (Ceské Budejovice) in the Czech Republic. The package is easy to use, and was launched on the web in September 2005 without any prior advertisement.

To Mark and Petr's astonishment in the first two weeks of release there were nearly 200 downloads of the software by researchers from 25 different countries. Clearly this old program is still in hot demand by ecologists from across the globe.


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