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International students find out more about the “big questions” in science 3rd August 2005


Scientist at microscopeScientists at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in Oxford will be hosting 40 international students this Thursday, August 4th, as part of the London International Youth Science Forum.

The students, aged between 16-18, will be looking at some of today’s biggest science questions. Organiser, Andrew Whiteley, Head of Molecular Microbial Ecology at CEH, says these will include such hot topics as:

  • How to read the book of life - by decoding genomes
  • How bacteria 'fight' to make the world go round
  • Small things are important - how microbes can clean our planet

Mixing Microbes CEH scientists will be presenting talks and demonstrations about these topics giving the students an idea of the exciting science we carry out and hopefully inspiring them to take up a science career in the future.

The visit is part of a larger tour that takes place each year, bringing together some 250 students of science, from almost 60 countries in 5 continents. The students are based in London for two weeks living together as an international community, exchanging ideas and experiences of the world.


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