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Image Gallery: Native parasites turn attention to ladybird invader - 26 June 2010


  • Parasitised alien harlequin ladybird with parasite cocoon.
    Photo by Francis Bakos.
    Harlequin ladybird with parasitoid, photo by Francis Bakos
  • Tiny parasitic fly exploring a potential host - a ladybird pupa.
    Photo by Brian Reid
    Harlequin pupa and phorid, photo by Brian Reid
  • Wasp maggot emerging from its host - a 7-spot ladybird.
    Photo by Paul Brothers
    Parasitised 7-spot ladybird, photo by Paul Brothers
  • Monitoring ladybird parasites is simple - just collect and observe.
    Photo by Barnaby Smith / Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
    Parasites and ladybirds, photo by Barnaby Smith / CEH
  • Small fly (genus Phalacrotophora), a parasitoid of ladybirds pupae (here on a prepupa of Harmonia axyridis).
    Photo by Gilles San Martin
    Fly on Harmonia prepupa, photo by Gilles San Martin
  • Pupa of harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) on a leaf.
    Photo by Barnaby Smith
    Harlequin ladybird pupae, photo by Barnaby Smith / CEH