CEH Library Service

The CEH Library Service is part of the NERC Library Service (NLS). it supports scientific research by providing library and information services to the staff of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) at both local and CEH-wide level.

The Library Service maintains a wide-ranging collection of journals, books, reports and grey literature and provides the staff of CEH with online access to databases, journals and other resources. The collections reflect the key research interests of the Centre, focusing on biodiversity, climate change, ecology, hydrology and land use within terrestrial and aquatic environments in support of the Science Programmes.


There are our site libraries reflecting the main focuses of research. Access for external users is restricted to bona fide researchers at the discretion of library staff and by prior arrangement. Check with individual libraries for contact details and visiting arrangements.

The CEH Library Service uses the Olib Library Management System for its library catalogue and other library management functions. The catalogue combines the holdings of the four libraries that form the CEH Library Service and also contains the Staff Publications database.

Access to the library catalogue is largely unrestricted.