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Centre for Ecology & Hydrology: Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to contact a scientist currently working for CEH.

They may already have their contact details listed on a staff page. If you can't find a listing, e-mail our Enquiries Team and we'll see if we can put you in touch.

Are there any jobs available at CEH?

Our website contains details of all our current vacancies.

I am a university student looking for work experience.

CEH is always pleased to hear from students interested in carrying out internships with us. Our standard policy is to archive expressions of interest and select individuals for interview as and when project leaders feel additional human resources are required. If you would like your details to be circulated to CEH staff, please send a CV and covering letter to our Recruitment Team. Please include details of your specific area of interest and experience, the location in the UK you would be applying to and if you are being sponsored to take this placement at CEH or would require funding. Our website contains details of the science topics we cover and the location of our research sites.

Can I do my PhD with you?

Our Studentships page contains details of available PhDs. Please check back regularly for the latest opportunities.

Do you host scientists on Fellowship schemes?

Yes. If you are thinking of applying for a research Fellowship, then CEH may be able to host you for its duration. Read more about how we can help with Fellowships.

Where can I read science papers written by CEH staff?

The NORA website contains details of how to access published material that has resulted from research funded by the Natural Environment Research Council, including CEH research. However some papers will only be viewable on websites that require a subscription.

For notifications of early view articles on many of these journal websites, you can follow CEHPaperAlerts on Twitter.

I think I have Harlequin ladybirds in my house/garden. What should I do?

Please record your sighting and learn more at the UK Ladybird Survey website.

I'm looking for UK rainfall data.

The Met Office should be able to help with your enquiry.

I'm looking for UK river flow data.

The National River Flow Archive at CEH is the UK's focal point for river flow data, with data for ~400 gauging stations available for download. Data for a further ~1000 gauging stations can be requested via a manual retrieval service. The data are available free-of-charge for academic research or educational uses.

I'm looking for information about the UK Countryside Survey.

The Countryside Survey website contains more information and downloadable reports about the field survey carried out by CEH in 2007.

I'm looking for information about Land Cover Map.

Please see our Land Cover Mapping page or contact our Data Licensing team directly.

I'm looking for information about the Flood Estimation Handbook.

You can find out more about the methods used in the Flood Estimation Handbook on our website. However, sales of the handbook and related products are managed by Wallingford HydroSolutions.

Where can I find information about plants and weeds causing problems in my garden pond?

Our Aquatic Plant Management web pages contain a number of information sheets about several different plants.

I've found the carcass of a predatory bird. What should I do?

Full details of the types of specimens accepted can be found on the Predatory Bird Monitoring Scheme website.

I'm just looking for general information about the science that CEH does.

You can browse around our website for more information about our Science Areas. Our About Us booklet also provides a general overview of our work.