Flood Estimation Handbook


Spreadsheet implementation of the FEH rainfall-runoff method
The Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (ReFH) model is the new FEH rainfall-runoff method for UK design flood estimation. The methods used are described in the FEH Supplementary Report No.1 - The revitalised FSR/FEH rainfall-runoff method.

The new method was created to disseminate the results from the joint Defra/Environment Agency funded research project FD1913 'Revitalisation of the FSR/FEH rainfall-runoff method'. A full REFH software package is available to purchase from Wallingford HydroSolutions - more details here (external link).

Example screenshot from spreadsheet implementation of ReFH

In addition to the software, the ReFH design model has been implemented as a more limited but freely available spreadsheet version offering a user-friendly implementation of the method to be applied for design flood estimation in the UK. It allows graphs of the input data and output results to be generated easily and can be used to produce and print reports simply and quickly.


Before downloading and using this software, please read and agree to the disclaimer below.

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It must be recognised that raw data may be transcribed, or may be acquired and processed using automated techniques.  Although such processing is made subject to quality-control procedures, so as to ensure reliability where possible, some data may be subject to processing without human intervention with the result that errors may be undetected.

Instructions for downloading and installation:

To use the spreadsheet it is necessary to have Excel (version 97 or later) installed on the PC.

To install the spreadsheet, download the file setup.exe from the link at the foot of this page, to your PC. Double-click the file to run it and follow the instructions. Two files (ReFH Rainfall-Runoff Method.xls and FEHRRModel.dll) will be installed in the directory Program Files\FEH Software\ReFH Spreadsheet. A shortcut to the spreadsheet will be placed on the desktop. The latter file is a library of the model functions, the other is the spreadsheet itself. Both are required for the spreadsheet to function correctly.

Following installation, multiple copies of the spreadsheet can be made and stored anywhere on the PC or network. However, if the spreadsheet is to be applied on a PC other than the one where it was originally installed, the installation program must be run again in order to provide access to the library functions.