Flood Estimation Handbook


Spreadsheet implementation of the FEH rainfall-runoff method
The Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (ReFH) model is the new FEH rainfall-runoff method for UK design flood estimation. The methods used are described in the FEH Supplementary Report No.1 - The revitalised FSR/FEH rainfall-runoff method.

The method was created to disseminate the results from the joint Defra/Environment Agency funded research project FD1913 'Revitalisation of the FSR/FEH rainfall-runoff method'. A full REFH software package is available to purchase from Wallingford HydroSolutions - more details here (external link).

Example screenshot from spreadsheet implementation of ReFH

In addition to the software, the ReFH design model was formerly implemented as a more limited but spreadsheet version offering a user-friendly implementation of the method to be applied for design flood estimation in the UK. It allowed graphs of the input data and output results to be generated easily and can be used to produce and print reports simply and quickly.

The spreadsheet is no longer supported or available to download.