Flooding - Wallingford, January 2003 Wallingford, January 2003
Photo: RAF Benson The Thames at Wallingford, July 2007 The Thames at Wallingford, July 2007

National Water Archive

The National Water Archive (NWA) comprises two major data centres: CEH’s National River Flow Archive (NRFA); and the National Groundwater Level Archive (NGLA), hosted by the British Geological Survey. Formerly one of the seven NERC Designated Data Centres, the NWA is now a component of the CEH Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC).

Time Series Data

The NWA includes extensive time series of river flow and groundwater level data held by the NRFA and NGLA respectively.

Spatial Data

The NWA includes a variety of spatial data sets, such as:

For more information on NWA spatial data, please contact our Data Licensing Team.