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Welcome to the National River Flow Archive

The National River Flow Archive (NRFA) is the UK’s focal point for river flow data.

The NRFA collates, quality controls, and archives hydrometric data from gauging station networks across the UK including the extensive networks operated by the Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency  and the Rivers Agency (Northern Ireland).

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National Hydrological Monitoring Programme - analysis of hydrological events.

UK Hydrological Summary for August 2014 published - 12 September 2014

August was cool, unsettled and wet - bringing to a close a near-average summer overall. The persistent heavy rainfall in northern Scotland caused significant fluvial flooding. Elsewhere, however, reported flood incidents were associated with flash flooding in response to intense downpours. Overall, the water resources situation is favourable entering the autumn.

Further details can be found here.

WINFAP-FEH files version 3.3.4 release - 07 August 2014Recent Storms and Floods in UK - cover of Met Office and CEH report

A minor update to the WINFAP-FEH files v3.3.2 has been released. Click here for a
list of key changes in this version.

Click here to download the latest files




The National River Flow Archive is now on Twitter - 28 July 2014

The UK National River Flow Archive is now on Twitter. Follow @UK_NRFA for announcements, news stories and our 'gauging station of the week' feature.

Click here to access the NRFA twitter feed.

Hydrometric areas dataset for the UK is now available - 18 July 2014

The Hydrometric areas dataset for the United Kingdom is now available via the EIDC Hub. The boundaries between hydrometric areas correspond to catchment boundaries as digitally-derived from CEH Integrated Hydrological Digital Terrain Model (IHDTM) using a catchment definition programme.

The datasets can be accessed here.

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