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Welcome to the National River Flow Archive

The National River Flow Archive (NRFA) is the UK’s focal point for river flow data.

The NRFA collates, quality controls, and archives hydrometric data from gauging station networks across the UK including the extensive networks operated by the Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Rivers Agency (Northern Ireland).

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New NRFA website beta version - 24 June 2015

NRFA beta website

The NRFA has a released its new website in beta version (beta.nrfa.ceh.ac.uk). The new site will be available in parallel with the existing site until mid-July to allow final testing and feedback. Developed as part of a wider refresh of the CEH website, there is a new look and feel to the site with simplified menus and revised guidance information.

Further details can be found here.

UK Hydrological Summary for May 2015 published - 12 June 2015

May was a wet and cool month, as the majority of the UK received above average rainfall and average daily maximum temperatures provisionally ranked as the coldest May since 1996.
Total outflows from the UK were high in early May, reflecting the spatial coherence of high flows, and in recession thereafter.

Further details can be found here.

River flow responses to climate variability - 01 June 2015Graph of river flow responses

Andrew Chiverton has been doing a PhD with the NRFA since Sep 2011 and will be handing in his thesis soon. He has been exploiting the data holdings of the archive to examine the role that catchment properties have on influencing river flow responses to climate variability.

More information can be found here.


NRFA visit Scottish Environment Protection Agency (South East region) - 18 May 2015Gauging Station Scotland

NRFA staff carried out a three-day visit to South East Scotland in May to undertake a Hydrometric Data Audit (HDA) in the region. The NRFA HDA Programme is a collaborative venture between the NRFA and the UK hydrometric Measuring Authorities (MAs).

Further details can be found here.


UK Hydrological Summary for April 2015 published - 15 May 2015

For most of the UK, April 2015 was a largely dry and sunny month, the sunniest on record from 1929 and warmer than average. With much of southern Britain receiving little appreciable rainfall, soil moisture deficits increased markedly above the late April average. River flows and groundwater recessions were mostly sustained through the month although a majority of index catchments and boreholes remained within the normal range.

Further details can be found here.

NRFA visit Environment Agency North East - 07 May 2015Buttercrambe weir

The NRFA met with members of North East hydrology and H&T teams in May as part of the archive’s regular liaison programme with UK hydrometric Measuring Authorities.

Further details can be found here.



National Runoff Series report - 15 April 2015National Runoff Series report

A report has been published by the NRFA titled “Derivation of the UK National and Regional Runoff series”. The national and regional series are regularly featured in the reports published by the UK National Monitoring Programme where they are used to provide an objective framework within which to assess the exceptional nature of extreme hydrological episodes.

The report can be downloaded here.


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