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Welcome to the National River Flow Archive

The National River Flow Archive (NRFA) is the UK’s focal point for river flow data.

The NRFA collates, quality controls, and archives hydrometric data from gauging station networks across the UK including the extensive networks operated by the Environment Agency (England), Natural Resources Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Rivers Agency (Northern Ireland).

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World Meteorological Organization (WMO) release NRFA-authored "Guidelines for Hydrological Data Rescue"- 12 January 2015Data Rescue Guidelines

The WMO have recently released a new technical report, "Guidelines for Hydrological Data Rescue", authored by Matt Fry of the NRFA. Data loss, often due to deterioration of records, is a huge problem around the world. The guidelines highlight key issues of importance when rescuing hydrological data, and draw on a wide range of existing material to help those embarking on data rescue projects to plan appropriately and ensure data can be made accessible and usable.

Further details can be found here.



New British Standard for Hydrometric Data Management - 07 January 2015

In December 2014, the British Standards Institution published an updated “Code of Practice for the Management of Observed Hydrometric Data” (BS 17898:2014). The standard replaces an earlier guide produced in the 1990s and has been fully rewritten, with a new section on metadata, as well as detailed recommendations for the management of precipitation, water level, velocity, discharge and volumetric data.

Further details can be found here.



UK Hydrological Summary for November 2014 published - 12 December 2014

November rainfall for the UK overall was near average, although there were notable regional variations. Coinciding with the distribution of rainfall anomalies, river flows in Northern Ireland, eastern Scotland and responsive catchments of Lowland England were above average, whilst below average flows characterised north-western areas of Scotland, Wales and England.

Further details can be found here.


NRFA attend the BHS Pennines Section Meeting 'The Quality Assurance and Improvement of Flow Data' - 09 December 2014

The NRFA were invited to present on their quality control procedures at the BHS Pennines Section meeting on 9th December. The meeting was well attended with representative from the UK Measuring Authorities, consultancies and water companies. Katie Muchan of the NRFA gave the presentation which focused on the quality control at the NRFA, including why and how we do it, quality control tools and examples, results of the last 10 years of quality control and potential future developments.

Further information can be found here.


NRFA Gauging Station Map - Give away - 24 October 2014

Gauging Station Map

The NRFA has free hard copies of the Gauging Station Map available.

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